What is ArrowCorps Five?
The Order of the Arrow has had a long-standing interest in coordinating a national service project, utilizing the infrastructure and leadership established over many years of success at the Boy Scouts of America’s high adventure bases. Working closely together, the United States Forest Service and the OA have chosen five project sites, spread across America, that will be the focus of our combined efforts. ArrowCorps5 (pronounced Arrow Corps Five) will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each participant to set an example of leadership in service to those who treasure our national forests.

Five thousand physically fit and able volunteers (determined by the “Philmont Weight Limits for Backpacking & Hiking”), made up of youth and adults, will participate. The national Order of the Arrow committee and key sponsors will fund the projects. Participants will pay a reasonable fee to help pay for accommodations, meals, and a full day of recreational activities during the projects.

hat Every Arrowman Needs To Know:

ArrowCorps5 is a once in a lifetime program. The event is the largest volunteer service effort ever undertaken by the Boy Scouts of America. A Scout�s duty to country calls us all to help preserve the beauty of treasures like our national forests.

ArrowCorps5 will take place at five sites across the country. A highly trained Order of the Arrow and National Forest Service staff will provide a safe and healthy environment for a young man to learn about leadership, brotherhood, and service, all in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

What Is ArrowCorps5?
At the program�s core is a major conservation service project at a national forest. Each program also includes a day dedicated to recreation, taking advantage of the unique opportunities of each site.

Who can go?
Both youth and adult Arrowmen are invited to attend this event. Participants must meet the Philmont Guidelines for height and weight as shown on the ArrowCorps5 website ( In addition to being in good physical condition, Scouts must be at least 14 years of age by June 1, 2008.

How do I sign up?
Each council will appoint a youth ArrowCorps5 contingent coordinator and adviser who will centrally organize all of the registration for Arrowmen in the lodge. Scouts and Scouters interested in attending should contact their council�s coordinator or Key 3 (lodge chief, adviser, or professional staff adviser). Your council will receive a registration packet by the middle of September with registration submittals and information.  More information can also be found on the registration page.

Can I serve on staff?
Slots are still available to serve on staff.  For more information, check out the staff resource page.

How much is it?
The cost for the event is $250. The fee covers food, activities, and insurance�but not transportation. Councils should assemble and submit a $100 nonrefundable deposit per participant, per site by February 1, 2008. Remaining fees are due by May 1, 2008.

An Arrowman may sign up for as many sites as they wish on a first come, first serve basis.

Councils may choose to organize a contingent travel plan, travel together with other nearby councils, or arrange for individual travel plans. Of course, BSA travel policies apply. The cost of travel is not included in the site fees.

What to bring
Participants will be camping in or near a National Forest so you will need to bring your own tent and everything else you would need to be in the wilderness for a week. Once registered, participants will be sent a list of items to pack depending upon the site they are attending.

For more information
The ArrowCorps5 website ( will provide current information and should answer most questions.