Section Conclave

Report From the Conclave

     Once again I would like to thank our host lodge for a wonderful weekend. Our Brothers from the Kishkakon Lodge really executed a spectacular conclave.
Special thanks to Thom and Tony Croxton! Along with their staff, they did a terrific job hosting the event. The fireworks display and the party afterwards added the final touch of the day’s excitement.
I’m certain everyone had a great time and enjoyed the events, training cells, field sports, dance competitions, and ceremony competitions.
Arrowmen also had the opportunity to meet the 2007 National Chief, Evan Chaffee.
Planning has already begun for next year’s conclave which will be hosted by Taleka Lodge.
I also want to personally thank Mark Thurman for his past two years of dedicated service as Section Chief for C5C.
I am looking forward to the coming year working with Paul Shriver, Section Vice Chief, and Frank Sotyls, Section Secretary, to make it another great one for C5C.

About Camp Warren Levis

     Camping and outdoor activities have been a main part of the program at Camp Warren Levis since is beginning 83 years ago. Camp Warren was originally owned by the Piasa Bird Council. The Piasa Bird Council’s first camping area was called Camp Hawley, and was located just north of Route 100 in Godfrey, IL. Camp Hawley was established in May, 1921 at Rocky Fork on Grafton Road on a site that was used many years before as a slave refugee station. The first summer camp was held on July 11, 1921 and thirty scouts attended. Camp Hawley became the sole property of the Boy Scouts when deed was transferred by Andrew T Hawley on April 1, 1924. An additional 160 acres of land in Godfrey, Il, was added by Mr. And Mrs. George Levis in memory of their son, Warren, who died in 1906. The council named the camp in his honor. Dedication of Camp Warren Levis and the first summer camp took place on July 7, 1924.

     In 1945, a capital development plan was initiated for the camp, and a lake was built along with other facilities. Currently the camp offers dining hall meals, a swimming pool, shooting sports area, handicraft and nature areas.

     In 1984, the COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) Course was constructed. In 2001, the course was remodeled adding additional challenges and a 400 foot zip line along with a climbing/repelling tower and rock wall.